Reasons why using a Certified Court Reporter is in your best interest:

  • A Certified Court Reporter has passed the challenging CCR skills and written tests required to work in the states of Missouri and Kansas.
  • A Certified Court Reporter has undergone extensive training in grammar, medical/legal/expert terminology, and deposition procedures.
  • A Certified Court Reporter is certified to report verbatim testimony at 225 words per minute with the highest degree of accuracy but can also reach speeds of up to 280 words per minute.
  • A Certified Court Reporter is the guardian of the record and will protect it, as well as exhibits, with total confidentiality.
  • By using a Certified Court Reporter, you have the confidence that your transcript is certified and admissible in a court of law.
  • Certified Court Reporters are impartial officers of the Court.
  • Certified Court Reporters can provide instantaneous readback of testimony.
  • Certified Court Reporters use state-of-the-art technology to capture and preserve the spoken word.

Ragsdale Court Reporting will always send a Certified Court Reporter who is a stenographer.